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Clau Mattos | Founder of Clash Tee

Why Clash?


Clash Tee is a collective of creative girls and great friends committed to expressing ourselves freely and connecting deeply. We believe that beauty and style come naturally when we celebrate our authentic selves and choose fashion pieces that speak to our individual spirits. 
A Clash Tee girl is open-minded, brave, and full of life. She's you.

About Clash

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Made to Empower Women

Clothes should empower us! Clash believes in the concept of express yourself and respect your own style.

Meaningful T-Shirts

Exclusive, comfortable, and truly meaningful graphic tees. We offer much more than just a piece of clothing, but also a way to express and connect with bold and creative women.

Cute, comfy, stylish

"This is a great t-shirt for fall. This t-shirt fits very well, ordered in my normal size. The cotton is super soft, love it."

— Elizabeth

Found the perfect t-shirt

"This was my first order from Clash Tee, and I got a basic t-shirt. I’m surprised how much like it. Fits perfectly, true to size. Extremely comfortable!"

— Laura

Great Tee

"Fits perfectly, true to size. Extremely extremely comfortable!"

— Sarah

Lifestyle Brand

Clash Tee shares a passion for casual, comfortable, affordable, and authentic fashion.

Small Batches

We print our t-shirts to order, and create them in small batches. Each tee is exclusive.

Free Shipping

Free shipping on all Canadian orders over $50. Plus our cool stickers and cute pin!

Perfect Gifts

Every purchase of Clash is beautifully wrapped. Each piece is a gift even if that gift is to yourself.