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5 ways to wear a comfy sweatshirt this fall

5 ways to wear a comfy sweatshirt this fall

1- Sweatshirt + High Waist Jeans

This duo is perfect, comfortable, and stylish. Add flavor with cool accessories and bold white 90's style sneakers.

2- Inspo Princess Diana

Blazer and Sweatshirt | Princess Diana 90's style

Layer a blazer over a crewneck sweatshirt for a very '90s inspired style. A baseball cap adds a sporty touch. 

3- Over Your Shoulders

Be cool and tie your sweatshirt over your shoulders; choose a t-shirt and nice pair of jeans to make you even cooler. 

4- Coord + Nice Outwear

coordinating sweatsuit with trench coat

Elsa Hosk

Be comfortable and stylish with a coordinating sweatsuit + a nice trench coat, and trendy accessories.

5- Bike Shorts

Oversized Sweatshirt  |  Empowerment Women

Simple and bold... the perfect match a  sweatshirt,  bike shorts, and sneakers. 

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