8 Ways You Can Rock The Ever Trendy Graphic T-shirt

8 Ways You Can Rock The Ever Trendy Graphic T-shirt - Clash Tee

T-shirts are a basic in every girl’s wardrobe. Gone are the days when having a throng of t-shirts meant you were “lazy” and didn’t care about your appearance. Now t-shirts are a statement piece that adds flair to your look. Especially the graphic tee.

It’s not just a jeans and t-shirt day. There are so many ways to wear your graphic tee. There wouldn’t be enough space on the web to list all. But we’ve listed some of our all-time favorite looks:

 T-shirt + Leather Jacket

Feeling like 80’s Madonna? Definitely grab your t-shirt and leather jacket paired with an “I don’t care!” attitude. This look alone will instantly boost your self-confidence!

 T-shirt + Jeans

Classic yet versatile. Pair your favorite graphic tee with your favorite jeans. Something about this look says “I’m effortlessly chic and I know it.” You don’t need more than that!

 T-shirt + Leather Mini Skirt

Leather mini skirt? You don’t even need a graphic tee! Just kidding! Add that something extra when you’re heading out on the town or when you’re just feeling glam. Pair with a denim jacket if you’re feeling extra adventurous. The different textures will definitely draw attention to your outfit.

 T-shirt + Leather Trousers

Not in the mood to show off some leg? That’s fine! Pair your graphic tee with sleek leather trousers instead. Same effect. Tell the world you’re edgy, fearless and willing to be you!

 T-shirt + Oversized Blazer

Every girl should have an oversized blazer in their closet. It’s so Hollywood! And even though we don’t care to mimic others, if you’re feeling like dressing your t-shirt up in an unexpected way throw on that oversized blazer!

 T-shirt + Oversized Cardigan

Practical and appealing. This combo can be worn on any day of the week. Pair with one of our statement tees that convey your mood.

 T-shirt + Bomber Jacket

Every girl has a day when she’s in the mood to show how fearless, free and adventurous she is! If today’s that day for you pair your graphic tee (our tiger design graphic tee is particularly fierce) with a bomber jacket. 

T-shirt + Denim Jacket

A girl can’t have too much denim. The same goes for a denim jacket. Add your best sunglasses or spectacles to complete the look.

A good graphic tee is a statement piece. It’s a versatile option that can be worn with almost anything to create a casual ensemble or an ultra-luxe look. With the right tee, you’ll be able to stand out from the crowd and craft your own look to match your mood.

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