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90s Snap Clip Barrettes Are Back!

90s Snap Clip Barrettes Are Back! - Clash Tee

The '90s are back! If you judged your mother to keep high waist jeans, jackets or her favorite accessories, now you're the first to borrow those pieces. But the coolest of all is that we recreate the fashion, it reappears fresh, young and hotter than ever.

We love T-shirts, and that's no secret, but we also love accessories or parts that make our t-shirts even cooler! So this post is about the trend of hair accessories, we love to see a stylish look and unpretentious, 90's style.

barrette ariana grande
The old-school barrettes are all over Instagram, holding the hair of celebs, famous hairdressers and bloggers. Trend makers like Kendall Jenner, Ariana Grande, Winnie Harlow ... have selfies with their giant clips and we love them.

barrette selena gomez

Images: Pinterest

Metal, Pearls, Diamond, Art Deco... What is your fave style?

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