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Clash Tee’s Gift Guide

Clash Tee’s Gift Guide - Clash Tee

What’s the perfect gift? A gift you’ll actually use. But when it comes time to give gifts we don’t know what to give and whether the person who’s receiving it will actually use (and like) it.

A gift shouldn’t only be practical, it should be desirable as well. Why would you want to give your bestie an urgh kind of gift?

That’s what makes a graphic tee the best kind of gift. Practical, stylish and thoughtful, especially if you’ve matched the tee with the personality of your friend.

It’s time to gift your friends the ability to wear their hearts on their tee’s.

For your “Rebel with a Cause” friend...

Gift them the “Forever Rebel” t-shirt in a relaxed fit. Or the “Bad Girl” T-shirt in a distressed finish. Gift them both so they can wear either to express their mood.

For that friend who only has good things to say and doesn’t want any negativity...

Our “Good Vibes” t-shirt sums it up pretty nicely. In a relaxed design, it’s great for a super chilled style but adds just enough panache so she’ll still look fab.

Another great gift idea, the “No Bad Days” t-shirt says it all! Definitely not a bad day when you’re giving them this gift.


For your always chic, super trendy friend...

Tell her “Guapa!” In case you didn’t know guapa is Spanish for beautiful, definitely a great gift and a lovely compliment in an on-trend relaxed design.

For the fearless, empowered, outspoken girl!


For your friend who’s never afraid to speak her mind, give the gift of fearlessness, with our “Strong Woman” oversized T-shirt. She’s definitely going to wear it often. Plus, the oversized fit is just another fashion statement!

 For your friends who are in need of some sun and a vacation...


You know the girl. She’s always talking about how she needs a vacation, or that she feels like escaping the cold. Why not book her a trip to someplace sunny? Just kidding! Give her our “Take me to California” tee instead. You never know, she might meet a handsome stranger who’d love to take her!

 For your “I Can’t Be Tied Down or Labeled” friend...

You should definitely purchase her any one of our mood matching tees:

The “Citizen of the World” tee because she’s not tied to one place. Always seeking adventure and filled with wanderlust.

The “Free Soul” t-shirt says she can’t be defined, or stereotyped and she doesn’t care about anyone who tries.

And lastly, our “Wild Thoughts” tee, because sometimes a girl just wants to have fun…

Now you’ve got a gift for every girl you know. They definitely won’t mind that you bought all of the tees.

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