Hello Girls,

Let me introduce myself: My name is Claudia, I am Founder and Creative Director of Clash Tee.

To start, let me say that I am a fashion enthusiast since I was a child, in my early days of school I organized my uniform as if I were going to a fashion week, and grew up admiring fashion not only for what I read in magazines, but also for what I discovered on the streets.

Telling a little more about myself, I always seek comfort and authenticity in my outfits, and with that, I created a massive passion for T-shirts. While my friends bought extremely tight dresses, I was looking for the widest, destroyed T-shirt in the stores, because I felt sexier and more stylish.
I have always believed that a good tee can be the part of your wardrobe that you can wear on all occasions, for example: if you are going to a meeting and need a formal look, black suit + tee is a perfect match or the classic we love to have a drink with friends destroyed jeans + tee.

So I decided to create Clash Tee, a brand that I believe and adore so much, it works the woman's femininity the way we want to. Where the charm of high school meets the sexy girl and powerful woman, and she has the freedom to choose whether it is your style: Tomboy or Ladylike and why not both?

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Clau Mattos

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