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How To Distress a T-Shirt

How to Distress a T-Shirt

When it comes to the fave wardrobe piece that every girl should have, a cool T-shirt probably takes the #1 spot. 

How to Distress a T-Shirt

Tiger Oversized Tee 

Your fave tee not only makes you feel incredible, but it also projects your style. When it comes to your style, you should never have to settle; if you think you should distress your T-Shirt, do it! We’re going to show you how to distress your tees. 


The razor you use should be new and sharp. You can drag the razor horizontally to create long slices in the tee similar to the scissors, pull it straight down for a variety of small holes, or place the fabric on a solid edge (like a new plastic cutting board) for a line of straight shafts.


How To Distress a T-Shirt

Image: Fashionlush.com

Wrap your fave tee new cutting plastic board and start going at it with sandpaper. 


Scissors are good for creating large holes. Just snip horizontal lines of varying sizes. Use your imagination. 

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