How To Get Away With T-shirts For Every Occasion

How To Get Away With T-shirts For Every Occasion - Clash Tee

Diamonds are a girl's best friend…Right? Not anymore. It’s been dumped as a BFF because it’s just never around, it’s so unattainable. So, in the spirit of freedom girls are replacing their ex BFF with an easy to get along with, always bubbly, the life of the party friend. A T-shirt. But going from such high-glamour to everyday attire seems a bit odd, doesn’t it?

Not if you know how to rock a tee, because it really is a versatile, popular, statement piece. If you’re not convinced let’s show you… But be warned this is only for the truly daring. 

  1.  Work

If you’re tired of wearing a blouse to the office, because it makes you feel so “grandma-esque” you’re not alone. Of course, you still want to look corporate and smart, like you’ve come to slay in the boardroom. You don’t have to do this in a blouse, or even a button-up shirt. You can do it in a t-shirt. Yes! Throw out the rule book and pair your t-shirt with a black pencil skirt, and statement heels. That’s a #girlboss if I ever saw one!

  1. Night out

When you’re in the mood to party but not in the mood to look like every other girl you’ll come across, stand out in a… you guessed it a t-shirt. Pair your relaxed fit tee with your ultra-tight destroyed jeans and stand stall in that daring pair of heels. Don’t be surprised when you’re escorted to the front of the line, or get VIP treatment…

  1. Fancy Dinner

Even with all the clothes in your closet, every time a fancy dinner rolls around your immediate thought is “I’ve got to go out and buy something!” Well, unless that “something” is a t-shirt, keep calm and soldier on. Simply pair your graphic t-shirt with a sleek black and you’re ready to attend.

  1. Weekends

Your weekend style doesn’t have to go the way of your office wear and turn into a uniform. Weekends are the perfect opportunity to showcase your creativity and on-trend style. Pair your graphic tee with anything from shorts, boots and leggings to jeans, maxi-skirt or even sweats. There’s really nothing wrong with being comfy.

  1. Sportswear

Sportswear isn’t even dedicated to sports anymore. It’s another way to look stylish really. For the ultimate sporting style, create your look with a graphic tee, jeans, and power sneakers. Dash on some lipstick and a rosy cheek just to keep the look put-together.

  1. Date Night

Spending hours in front of a mirror, trying and re-trying on different combinations is one way to start the night stressed. Who cares what he thinks? It’s all about how you feel! And confidence is the ultimate accessory. I’m not just saying that… It’s an actual thing! Anyway, instead of going the monotonous route at your next date, layer your t-shirt under your mini skirt, and look super cute in an edgier ensemble.

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