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How To Rock An Oversized Tee Like A Celebrity

The oversized tee is the understated fashion statement of the century. It is one of the most celebrated items of clothing - making an appearance on everyone’s socials - from celebrities to influencers and everyone in between. It's even red carpet ready and has fantastic runway appeal. And that’s because this fashion statement is both trendy and comfy, something you don’t get to say often. And it’s truly an Instagram-worthy staple. Why not rock your oversized tee from Clash Tee this summer?

For outfit inspiration, here are our top picks to dress your oversized tee up or down like you’re being stalked by the paparazzi.

 Wear as a Dress

If you've been scrolling through any influencer's Instagram you've probably seen this look. This is a staple in every “it” girl’s closet. These thigh length tees make the ideal summer dress, which can be worn with sneakers for a streetwear themed look or paired with heels for something more sophisticated and daring.

 90's High Waist Jeans

High waist jeans are flattering all by themselves. But paired with an oversized tee you’ll soon realize that it’ll enhance your high waist jeans, making it a daring and sassy ensemble. Wear a white oversized tee with an acid wash and torn high waist jeans for an outfit that’s in vogue.


Shorts Jeans

Jean shorts are always on trend and paired alongside another timeless trend the oversized tee, you won’t go wrong. For an easy yet chic outfit tuck your oversized tee in on one side and let it hang on the other. You’ll have heads turning and tongues wagging - the perfect combination!


Let a Short Hem Peek Out From Underneath

Don’t want your jeans shorts showing? Feeling a little more adventurous? Or are you ready to rock the iconic trend of the noughties? Well, if you’re feeling a little glam but not daring enough for an oversized tee shirt dress let your shorts’ hem peek out from underneath your tee. This is a timeless look, that you can make your own.



Celebs are all about breaking style rules and looking good while doing it. So, it comes as no surprise that a skirt and heels combo would make it onto the list. After all your oversized tee is just as glam as any shirt you own. Wear them with an A-line skirt and wedge heels for a cutesy appeal, or style them with a pencil skirt and stilettos for a sexy sophisticated rebel look.

 Sporty Style

Streetwear is making a huge comeback. Regardless of whether you see yourself as the typical tomboy or you just like the trend, no sporty style is complete without an oversized tee. And every A-list celebrity and influencer would agree. Why not pair yours with joggers and platform sneakers and you’re good to go!

 Tight Leather Pants

Leather or pleather is in. So show off your curves and let out your inner vixen with a pair of tight leather pants and your oversized tee to accompany it. Nothing says sexy like this outfit. It’s ideal for date night or a girls night out, and is certainly red carpet ready!


The oversized tee with a suit is every millennial's dream. It’s the quintessential rebel ensemble while maintaining your professional appearance. Rock your tee with a classic pants suit or choose to pair it with a pencil skirt and jacket. You’ll certainly be the trendy girl in the office.


The oversized tee has become an essential part of the celebrity closet, and it should be a staple in yours too. This summer, let your personality (and inner celebrity) shine through with your collection of oversized Clash Tees by your side.
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