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Meet: Clau Mattos

Meet: Clau Mattos - Clash Tee

Instagram: @claumattos

Meet Clau Mattos, founder of Clash Tee, personal stylist, conector and t-shirt lover! 

What’s Clash’s story?

I've always believed in the concept of expressing yourself and valuing your style. You dress the way you want the world to see you. This concept of dressing intrigues me, as being able to express the way you feel, without saying anything, is powerful.

Clash was born through my passion for t-shirts and lots of research to understand this complicated and fantastic market. The t-shirt has always been an iconic and essential piece in the men's and women's wardrobe, but it has never been valued the way it deserved to be.

Clash wants to show that you can conquer the world in a t-shirt. It is a democratic piece that allows you to express your attitude and style through it. The best of it all is that a shirt does not take away your comfort; you are always comfy and feeling good with you and your look.

Clau Mattos founder of Clash Tee 

Who is the Clash Tee customer?

I love this question. The words I use to describe our customers are creative, fun, bold, vibrant, positive, and unique. Travel fascinates her, as does music, entertaining, and she enjoys to spend time with friends.

What else will we see from Clash ? 

So many things, but hopefully, soon, women from all over the world will be using our designs, and I will have our HQ set up with a space to connect with our incredible local community. 

And I would like to also be able to create a group of women who connect, help, support and uplift others ... it has a lot to do with the brand identity, and what we always seek

 Clau Mattos Founder of Clash Tee

 If you weren't an businesswoman, You'd be... 

I could work with any job related to fashion, haha. 

Favorite perk of the job...

Get to know so many incredible women!  I met a lot of amazing women through my work, and also seeing someone wearing Clash Tee, I always get emotional.

Clau Mattos Founder of Clash Tee

Worst pitfall of the job... 

Insolence. I think a lot of people don't understand that Clash is my job, I am not on vacation, or playing here. This is a real and serious business, that I am fully dedicated to it. I would like to put these people together with me for a week, they wouldn't survive, haha. 

Change I'd like to see in my industry...

A real supporting movement. Together we are much stronger.  Hashtagging is very easy, but only a few businesses and business owners really help each other. 

How I made my first dollar...

Selling sandwiches in a walking clinic in Sao Paulo, Brazil. I was 6 years old, I believe so, and I did it hidden from my mother. I took the girl who worked at home to go with me, when my mother found out everyone got grounded at home, haha. 

Best career advice I've ever gotten:

Be prepared, study, ask... there will always be someone much better than you. You can understand this as a threat or as learning. Find people who inspire you and mentor you in your life and business! 

How would your perfect day end:

Go to bed late in the evening knowing that we hit our sales goals for Clash, turn on the TV and watch good news happening around the world. Ahhh eating my fave chocolate! 

Advice to a women who are reading this:

Be Bold, be you! Believe in yourself, you can do whatever you want to do. Cliche but real talk!

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  • 100% agree with what you want to see changed in the industry. It doesn’t always have to be a competition. Especially now, we should all want to help each other.

    Michelle on

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