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Meet Flavia Machioni

Meet Flavia Machioni

Instagram: @flaviamachioni

Meet Flavia, founder of Meal Prep da Fla, health coach and content creator since 2012. She helps people to live healthier and happier. She believes that everyone can define ones destiny and change their lives for the better, it just requires to be willing to and find the right tools.

So, how was the beginning of everything?

It was on 2012. I decided to start a blog about lactose intolerance so I could share some recipes and info about it.

Since then, a lot have happened: my audience grew, I went to social media, I became a Health Coach, broaden my range of work and created a business.

Has it been an easy path overall, and if not, what were the challenges youve had to overcome?

I wouldn’t say it has been easy. It has been challenging!

But I see it as a very rich experience overall. I believe that when you decide to work for yourself, to become an entrepreneur, you end up in a lonely and challenging path, but one that can teach you so much about you and life. 

I believe that the biggest challenge is to decide where to invest the resources (time, money, energy).

Flavia Machioni - meal prep

What is Flas Meal Prep?

It’s an online methodology that I created to help people organize their meals so they can have more health, free time and save money.

It has weekly menus, with grocery list, recipe book, videos teaching how to cook the menu and techniques to organize routine.

Who are Flas Meal Prep customers?

Mainly women, from 30-55 years old who are looking for ways to get healthier and improve their’s and their’s families habit. 

The three qualities that got you where you are today…

Been organized.

Prioritizing my own health.

Never stop studying.

Favorite perk of the job…

Having freedom.

Most agonizing career decision you've ever made:

Having to say NO to something I would love to be a part of because I need to focus on something else.

Best career advice you've ever gotten…

The No’s you say are more important than the Yes’s

Flavia Machioni - meal prep

Tips you would give to those who would like to change their lifestyle, diet, or routine?

First, ask yourself why that matters to you. Once you are clear on that, find professionals, tools or methodologies to help you get that into practice.

Until you’re not accustomed to your new routines/choices, you will need support.

And last but not least, don’t give up before you get it. Go on your own time, but don’t give up.

Advice to women with struggle with their daily meal.

Start slowly. Anticipate a few meals in the week like your breakfast or snack. Leave it ready and prepared.

Then, choose a few meal recipes and get the ingredientes. On the weekend prepare one or two dishes and let in your fridge for the week.

What advice do you have for an aspiring woman entrepreneur?

Be aware that it’s a lonely road. Even if you have a team or support of your family and friends, by the end of the day you are probably the only one that can see what you’re seeing.

For that, I would say that self-knowledge is a must! Work to get to know yourself, meditate, exercise your body and take care of your health. You will need!


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