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Meet: Lucky Bromhead

Lucky Bromhead, makeup artist

Instagram: @luckymakeup

Meet the incredible makeup artist, Emmy Award-Nominated, behind the faces of Catherine O’Hara and Annie Murphy on Schitt's Creek.


So, why makeup? can you share a little bit of how it all started?

I’ve always loved fashion and studied fine art as well so it’s the marriage of the two.  I started painting my own face as a teenager, copying the pages of Vogue and watching music videos, and soon started painting the faces of my friends and family.  I recognized how empowering makeup could be. 


Who in your life taught you the most about makeup?

Working at a makeup counter in the 90’s was the best teacher I could possibly hope for.  I learned all skin tones, and real- life issues.  It gave me a great base of knowledge for when I started doing fashion weeks and the precise and creative nature of being backstage there was a great crash course for doing editorial, tv and film.


In my opinion, you are master the art of perfect and natural skin. How do you achieve this via a makeup look?  

Taking care of your skin will provide the best canvas.  Using less product and being careful about where matte and shine is placed is also key.  Not all skin needs a full, thick coating of foundation!!

Lucky Bromhead, makeup artist


What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned in your career?

Having respect for every department you work with is the key to a happy life on set.


How does it feel to be nominated to Emmy Award?

It feels surreal and wonderful! It was a perfect way to wrap up one of the most fulfilling projects I’ve ever worked on, was an honour to be acknowledged via such massive talents as Catherine O’Hara and Annie Murphy and Dan Levy, and was a massive beacon of light in a strange and sometimes dark time.


Lucky Bromhead, makeup artist

What does your personal daily skincare routine look like?

I love serums from Jordan Samuel Skin, all things Tatcha and Caudalie, and couldn’t survive winter without Skin Food from Weleda.  A good Gua Sha tool to massage and tone then repeat twice a day!


Is there one step you think no one should ever skip in their beauty routine, no matter what?

Taking care of your skin with the best skincare you can afford.  Groom your brows.


If you could only give one skincare tip, what would it be?

Take the time to massage and work the product into the skin.  It makes a massive difference.


What message would you like to share with women reading us?

Self love is an act of rebellion.  Choose your unique beauty (Including aging!! Including all body shapes and sizes! Including all skin tones!! Including shunning gender norms!) over fitting in to standards that  are imposed upon you by society.

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