Meet: Mary

Meet: Mary - Clash Tee

Instagram: @marysbrigadeiro

Meet Mary the owner of the delicious and unique Mary’s Brigadeiro and discover more about the brand lead by a female immigrant entrepreneur.

What is your background? How did you become a woman leading brigadeiro business?

 My background is 4 years of Business Administration back in Brazil, plus 7 years working in a private company in a Human Resources area plus an entire life following and watching my mom, a natural and fearless entrepreneur making and selling amazing brazilian confection to friends, family and to small places like coffee shops and restaurants around the neighbor. 

Who are your culinary icons?

The American Chef Anthony Bordain, he was an icon in the culinary world and his legacy will be forever forward, but to be really honest, I admire anyone who is able to create amazing dishes using natural and simple resources, the most simple people are the most celebrities, but people just have not discovered them yet.

Mary Brigadeiro

Can you describe a typical day in your role as an entrepreneur?

Basically, the stage of my business is I am breathing my company as I work up to 12hrs a day. Typically, It goes between checking emails, spending a few hours or the entire day with my team in the kitchen checking out orders, testing new products and bringing more ideas to upcoming seasons, plus bringing solutions to the challenges we face daily, between this I have the opportunity to talk with customers when I am around, listen them and also engage with my team. Technically, a typical entrepreneur life especially when the business is a stage to grow is a mix of everything between sales, production (in my case), marketing, zoom meeting with potential clients, fun projects to play and more.

For those who don’t know, what is the story behind Mary’s Brigadeiro? And what is brigadeiro?

 The story behind Mary's Brigadeiro can be described as a girl who saw an opportunity when she visited Canada for her first time (...and fell in love right away) and decided to offer a new experience in loving chocolate to North America inspired by her Brazilian traditions though also by her mom. She wanted to see people smiling after trying her creations, she wanted to show that a young immigrant black woman can be a talented entrepreneur even when society says that's will be harder, so here is the story behind Mary's Brigadeiro. Happiness through a Chocolate Box inspired by the Brazilian Soul! Basically, Brigadeiro is an exotic type of Brazilian Chocolate Confection made from Condensed Milk, Cocoa Powder, Butter and Chocolate and it's pretty much across a traditional truffle, or even a caramel or a fudge, but with a creamier and velvet consistency. 

Mary Brigadeiro

What’s your favorite brigadeiro flavor?

The Classic and the Caramelized White Coconut together, but sometimes my mood goes to a Caramel one or even Pistachio, it depends on the day Lol

If you could choose any event in the world to cater with Mary’s Brigadeiro, what would it be?

It will be a night in my mom's kitchen full of traditional Brazilian dishes, made with love and care. I would love to offer this one day and have my Brigadeiros alongside her dishes and cooking together with her.

Mary Brigadeiro

Photos: Instagram

What advice do you have for aspiring woman entrepreneur?

My advice is: START! Take what you have in hands and just start, don't wait too long or even for that perfect day, just work hard and spread to the world what you want to do. Things happen for those who show up! 


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