Meet Natalia | Founder of Bonita Intimates

Meet Natalia | Founder of Bonita Intimates

Meet: Natalia

Instagram: @bonita.intimates

Want beautiful lingerie that’s also comfy and stylish? Meet Natalia, The Bonita Intimates founder on finding the perfect fit, her career, and more.

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Looking back, where did your love for lingerie all begin?

I believe I was 9 years old when my love for lingerie began. It was when I got my first bra, a gift from a dear aunt. I felt so special that day that from there on, choosing a new underwear was my “me time”, always paying attention to details, the quality, comfort, and most importantly, choosing pieces where I could feel good with my body. I truly believe that wearing a beautiful lingerie is a way to show ourselves some well-deserved love. A correct style and a good quality of lingerie makes us feel good, it enhances our confidence.

What motivated you to start your own lingerie store in Canada?

Since I moved to Canada, I have always missed a lot of things from Brazil. But lingerie, the authentic Brazilian style, was what I missed the most. Even though big-box stores name some of their styles as Brazilian, they are not the same. I also noticed I was not the only woman craving for better quality and authentic Brazilian style lingerie. Because of this, I decided to start this journey and bring the best of it to our community and to our fellow Canadians. 

What about your business separates you from other brands on the market?

Bonita Intimates is a specialty shop in Brazilian style intimates. We offer the authentic Brazilian underwear, but most importantly, I want my customers to look great and feel their best, and I am always available to help them choosing what best fits them.

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Image: Bonita Intimates Instagram

Shopping for bras online could be tricky. How do you make it easier for customers to purchase the perfect style and size from your website?

On the website they can use the Sizing Chart to find their size by themselves, however I understand that this is not an easy task, so they can contact me through Instagram @bonita.intimates or email, and we can arrange what best suits them (messages, video call). On top of that, our customers can enjoy 30-day satisfaction policy, and the 1st return or exchange is on us.

What do you love most about your job?

I love the opportunity that my job gives me to meet so many special women, and to be able to help them build confidence wearing a good underwear.

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The perfect lingerie fit is...

The lingerie that makes you feel comfortable with your body.  

As someone working in the lingerie industry, what advice would you have for girls and women who struggle with body image?

Do not compare yourself with another person. Everybody is different, every body is unique. Treat your body the same way you like to be treated.

A great way to start building your self-esteem, and I’m speaking to myself as well, is paying attention on our intrinsic values, rather than measuring yourself with others.  

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