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Meet: Raiane Menezes

Meet: Raiane Menezes - Clash Tee

Meet Raiane Menezes, makeup artist—and learn how she got so good by highlighting the natural beauty from everyone she touches.

Instagram: @raianembeauty

So, why makeup?

R: I had always been passionate about beauty in general. I remember when I was a little kid seen my grandmother, always with a makeup on, a lot of blush rsrs, and I would admire her so much, so makeup was something that I always loved, and after working with many things that I didn’t liked, I decided to follow my heart and make my career on something that I was passionate about.


How did you get your professional start in makeup?

R: first I looked for a makeup school, after getting my certification, I started to look for any place that I could get experience, I started working for a retail, and then other opportunities came. But is very important to have a connection and luckily I had my first one very early, Camila Notari she was my teacher and helped me a lot in the beginning of this journey and now I have another amazing person Robson Oliveira who is been amazing for me.


What does it take for a makeup artist to find success?

R: I think success is something very relative,  for some people I might be very far to be a successful artist, and I kind agree, specially when we have great names out there, but when I look to my journey, all great things I have done and all the barriers I have broken inside of me, I think this is a way of success.

But is very important in my opinion, have passion for what you do and never  ever stop studying, have in mind that you will always have something new to learn.


Who (makeup artist) inspires you?

R: omg! There are maaany, I can’t even come up  with a name right now. A love the work of soo many people.


What are some goals you'd like to achieve?

R: have my name published in a magazine


Do you have a beauty ritual?

R: Not really. I always make sure I wash and moisturize my face at least twice a day and always wearing a SPF.


Please can you share 5 best necessaire products that worth money…

R: I always have with me a SPF (love the Shiseido clear stick), thermal water, lip balm and lip tint, the lip tint is great, because can be used on the lips and cheeks as well. ( I love the one from Clarins) and a matte lipstick and a blush, in case you want to go out after a day of work.

Raiane Menezes Clash Tee Radiance

I know you are a t-shirt fan… Where do you normally wear your tees?

R: Anywhere I need to be comfortable and have a style, so basically everywhere. Lol love how versatile a T-shirt can be specially when they are from Clash, best fabric I have ever tried.

Anything else you’d like to share?

R: Always follow your dream, your heart, do what you love and remember that with dedication and study you can be wherever you want :)

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