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Meet Myrian 

Instagram: @myxrian

Oversized Tee Lover & Performer 
Myrian Dourado | Performer Toronto

Have you always wanted to be a performer?

I’ve danced my whole life, performing on and offstage has always been my passion... It just took me a hot second to realize I didn’t wanna do it just as a hobby anymore, I needed to make it a career out of it.


What is it like to be on stage when you are performing? How is the sensation?

The opening nights hold a special feeling; I always have butterflies in my stomach, always! But it’s not every time that I get mad nervous though. Now about the sensation, I try to be specific, but what I feel when I’m on stage the feeling goes beyond any explanation.


You move so beautifully, what inspires you, and influences the way you move?

Passion for what I do.

I do everything with love, and love is what moves me, literally hahaha

Myrian Dourado | Performer Toronto

Can you share some of your secret tips? It can be beauty, diet, anything. It will be not a secret anymore haha.

Play Britney Spears, Rihanna, Beyonce (or literally any pop queen you like) every time you do your skincare routine and dance in front of the mirror. It’s a mood booster and your skin will look healthier ‘cause you will dedicate more time on it :)


What songs make you move your body and change your mood?

Justin Timberlake for life!!! Any song! My faves are Summer Love, My Love and Sexy Back, but I love each and every song by him :)


I know you are an oversized fan… Where do you normally wear your oversized pieces?

Everywhere! At least 80% of my closet is oversized tees hehe last weekend I went to a nightclub wearing clash tee’s dark grey oversized tee ♥️


Anything else you’d like to share?

Everyone can dance! And the best dancers are the ones having the most fun, so just enjoy yourself and feel the music :) 


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