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Self-Love - Clash Tee

Clash Tee will be one year old this year, and from the earliest days, we were so in love about the power of women we have met in this journey. 💛

This week I was reading sweet quotes about self-love, and I had an idea to share some ways to boost the woman confidence because I believe that share is one of the ways to connect.
I can’t wait to have more conversations like this one with you girls.

  1. Always Smile, it's contagious
  2. Be Bold
  3. Work out, it makes you feel confident
  4. Lead your life with heart 
  5. Find beauty in the world 
  6. Do what you love
  7. Dress to Impress
  8. Talk positive, forget the negative words. You can do it girl
  9. Give you a break!
  10. Be with people who treat you with respect and love

What do you think? 



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