The Inspiration For Our Collection

The Inspiration For Our Collection - Clash Tee

Fashion is a form of expression. Your hair, your clothes even your shoes and jewelry express your mood, your beliefs, your goals, and your attitude. Whether fierce, unphased, rebellious, carefree, loud, proud and everything in between - your style is a part of you. That’s why you should be able to wear something that expresses who you are. It’s a confidence booster and makes you free to be who you are. Our t-shirts are inspired by expression and helping girls express themselves confidently and fashionably.

Debbie Harry

Every graphic t-shirt in this collection is inspired by the iconic style of the 70’s embraces freedom, real beauty and being open-minded.

To give girls this same inspiration we created a line of t-shirts with something for every girl. Because, besides the music and vintage style that inspired our looks and our t-shirts, we were inspired by you. The everyday girl. The real girl. Your laugh, your smile, your good and bad hair days, your confidence and your light.

So, who are you?

You’re A Rebel:

You don’t believe girls should be forced to act a certain way or look a certain way - and then be judged if they break the rules. You’re not alone we believe that too. This collection isn’t about rules. It’s about expression. Expressing yourself in that moment, being who you are and letting your light and beauty shine through.

You’re A Free Spirit:

You can’t be tied down, not in this moment, not by anyone. You’re not going to accept the labels, you’re not a stereotype. You’re free. You want to do what you want, act how you’d like and your attitude shows it. You’re a kind heart, there to lift other girls and make them feel good. Not break them down or label them. Your soul is far too beautiful for that.

You’re A Dreamer:

Because who said you can’t dream? Dream about tomorrow. Dream about your life. Dream about where you’re going and what you’ll do. Dream about the sun, the fun, and the laughter. Dreamers are the kind of girls who know that things can be better no matter what others say! Who know their dreams aren’t just dreams but visions of the future.

You’re Perfect:

You’re a masterpiece, exquisite, beautiful, and more importantly - you’re you. You don’t have to look a certain way to be perfect. Perfection isn’t something you need to achieve. Being yourself means you’re perfect.

When we created this collection our muse was the 70’s. We were inspired by an entire generation built on freedom, love and embracing your flaws. A generation that knew you didn’t have to conform to a mold, a type or way of life. A generation that knew you can choose your own path and be who you want to be in this world. Every song from that era, every anthem, every look embodied this and now you can embody this era too with one of our graphic t-shirts.

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