This question seems easy to solve, but it is not! When it comes to picking your favorite tee, there are a few factors to consider.  1- How it fits:...

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Self-Love - Clash Tee


Clash Tee will be one year old this year, and from the earliest days, we were so in love about the power of women we have met in this journey. 💛 Th...

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Kensington Market Flea - Clash Tee

Kensington Market Flea

Join us on Saturday July/6 at the Kensington (Flea) Market. It features a diversity of independent artisans and vendors from across the city & ...

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HAPPY PRIDE 🌈 - Clash Tee


STOP, RIGHT THERE. Before you head to a store and pick out another rainbow tee that comes your way.  Ahead, Clash Community our 3 coolest Clash tee...

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Move Your Body Movement - MYB - Clash Tee

Move Your Body Movement - MYB

We are so happy with this movement, last Friday we released Move Your Body (#MYB). A movement that encourages all girls to move their bodies every ...

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