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Clash Tee is a collective of creative girls and great friends committed to expressing ourselves freely and connecting deeply. We believe that beauty and style come naturally when we celebrate our authentic selves and choose fashion pieces that speak to our individual spirits. 

We live a lighter life full of wide smiles, loud music, windy hair, and planning our next adventure. We care less about selfies and more about tight hugs. The sound of our friends' laughter is our favorite. 
A Clash Tee girl is open-minded, brave, and full of life. She's you.


Created at the end of 2018, Clash Tee emerged to share a passion for casual, comfortable, bold, and authentic fashion.

 Our designs are inspired by the lifestyle of our incredible community, and the way these girls developed a unique style to express their attitude and boldness. Our products are produced in small batches. Each piece is exclusive and limited edition. We don't have customers; we have a community that feels welcome and connected by our brand and platform.


Clau Mattos | Founder of Clash Tee
Clau Mattos is the heart, soul, and principal designer behind Clash Tee. She's been sharing her spirit through personalized looks and standing out for her creativity ever since she was a kid. 

 Before launching Clash Tee, Clau worked as a personal shopper and fashion consultant for major Brazilian brands like Cantão, BOBSTORE, Arezzo, Bobo, Lelis, and MAC Cosmetics. Today, she mixes styles, textures, and materials to create unique combinations that communicate freedom, self-expression, and a refusal to conform to the status quo. 

A Message From Clau

“You will never be happy wearing something because you think it will make someone accept you or like you more simply because it’s on-trend. Being yourself is a revolutionary act. It takes courage, but it also brings a lot of happiness. If you want something more liberating than choosing a piece of clothing, think about why it represents you. Why are you drawn to it? What can it tell you about yourself that you don’t already know?

I often look around and see girls uncomfortable with the look they chose just because they wanted to be like their friend. It reminds me of when I started wearing heels because my friends did: what torture! I finally learned to be honest with myself and say: no, I hate heels! Why would I wear something that doesn't represent me? We have to stop sabotaging ourselves daily. Instead, let us choose acceptance, love, and happiness!"