About Us

Livin’ the Dream

When Clash Tee founder Clau Mattos left her country, Brazil, she began a journey of rediscovery.

"When you find yourself, your life changes!"

Like a real t-shirt and fashion lover, Clau believes in the concept of expressing yourself and valuing your style. “You dress the way you want the world to see you. This concept of dressing intrigues me, as being able to express the way you feel, without saying anything, is powerful."

Clau Mattos | Founder of Clash Tee

CLAU MATTOS - @claumattos

Unsurprisingly, the inspiration for the graphic tees we design at Clash Tee originates from our incredible community's lifestyle and the way these women develop their distinctive styles to express their attitude, lifestyle, uniqueness, and boldness. And that is exactly what we wanted to achieve: a woman, free, intelligent, creative, confident, loves herself, accepts herself, and loves to explore the world. A woman who lives life intensely, an amazing friend, who sees the best in others, and who knows that clothes are just a frame for her extraordinary beauty.

Clash Tee was created for strong women but who melts for a romantic comedy movie, for a tight hug or a passionate kiss. We know that every woman who wears our T-shirts will add her special touch and personal style, which is why no one will ever wear our piece the same way because the secret formula is you!


Be Bold, Be You

We believe like people, clothes also connect. They connect with your body, with your mood, with your style. Feeling comfortable with your clothes can also make you happy. Being authentic, respecting your style, and feeling free is fundamental for us at Clash. That's why we encourage women every day to be themselves.


Our collections revolve around the female soul and its power. Our designs contain phrases or words that represent the girl Clash. When you buy one of our products, you are also buying our history and taking home an exclusive art piece.


About Clash Tee

Our designs have an attitude and a feminine soul!

We want our tees to be our second skin, a piece of our personality. We believe that what we wear should make us feel something and connect with our style. Therefore, we choose our partners carefully, as they are an integral part of this process.

Founded in 2018 in Toronto, Clash Tee offers much more than just a piece of clothing. It also offers a way to express ourselves and connect with other self-confident and creative women.

By purchasing our graphic t-shirts, you become part of this group of bold, dynamic, and incredible women who create your style and fight for your dreams. Create or tell your unique story with a good t-shirt. But most importantly, be yourself!