About Us

Livin’ the Dream

When Clash Tee founder Clau Mattos left her country, Brazil, she began a journey of rediscovery.

 "When you find yourself, your life changes!"

As a t-shirt and music lover, Clau believes in the concept of expressing yourself and valuing your style. “You dress the way you want the world to see you. This concept of dressing intrigues me, as being able to express the way you feel, without saying anything, is powerful."

Unsurprisingly, the inspiration for the graphic tees, we select at Clash Tee, originates from the lifestyle of our incredible community and the way these girls develop their distinctive styles to express their attitude and boldness.


Diversity, Freedom, and Youth - Embodied in a Graphic Tee

The '70s, '80s, and '90s were defining decades, influencing the fashion and lifestyle of entire generations. The music, slang, and fashion of these decades stood out for their diversity, freedom, and rebellion. The launching of festivals, men's clothing incorporating women's style, and the emergence of the band tee, made these decades unforgettable.

Being able to connect in some way to these decades, no matter who you are or when you were born, and expressing yourself through your clothes, is what we look for when lauching our collection of graphic tees. Comfort, freedom, rebellion, boldness, style, power - the appearance of getting ready in five minutes, when in fact that messy style was carefully curated and stylized – are defining characteristics of our T-shirts.


About Clash Tee

Our platform curates the kind of graphic tees that have attitude! We want t-shirts with a soul and history. We believe that what we wear should make us feel something and connect to our style. Therefore, we carefully choose our partners, as they are an integral part of this process.

Founded in 2018, in Toronto, Clash Tee offers far more than just a piece of clothing. It also offers a way to express ourselves and connect with other self-confident and creative girls.

By purchasing our graphic tees, you become a part of this group of daring, dynamic, free girls, who create their style, and who fight for their dreams. Create, or tell, your unique story with a good t-shirt. But, most importantly, be yourself!


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